Facts About Kosiv Revealed

All-Ukraine Public Company "Ukrainian Committee of the Council of Museums "ICOM" has prepared an appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Society, Young People and Sports to supply a proper state support in the process of considering a Ukrainian application to include Kosiv hand-made ceramics (the present location-- Ivano-Frankivsk area, as Etnocook advises) in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage Checklist

"The hearing will certainly happen on December 9-14, 2019, throughout the fourteenth session of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Board on the Abstract Social Heritage in Bogota, Colombia."-- the main ICOM Facebook Web page.

Actually the Ukrainian community Kosiv in the Carpathian Hills in Western Ukraine has actually been the regional facility of the manufactured pottery considering that the XIX century.

The functions of the Kosiv ceramics are distinct as well as identifiable. They Kosiv illustrate the traditions of local habitants called Hutsuls, their way of life and also ideas given that old times.

Really, only three shades are made use of as well as they are connected with the understanding of nature: yellow is for the sun, environment-friendly is for hills as well as brown is for land.

It is underlined that Kosiv porcelains are made on the potter's wheel of regional raw dark grey clay. The paint is made with dark-brown drawing. Painting generally does not coincide with the shapes. To inform You the reality, Etnocook has looked into that this is made deliberately as well as adds the unique agility to the picture.

Kosiv distinct baroque porcelains are stood for in painted floor tile ranges, pots, mugs, barrels, flasks for drinks, makitras (Ukrainian conventional grinding-bowls with a harsh surface used for creaming active ingredients, for instance poppy seeds), candle holders, flower holders, plates, containers and types for baking.

As Etnocook stated earlier, lately the Ukrainian red beetroot soup Borshch (Borscht, Borsch) was suggested to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage Checklist.

Ukrainian Cossack's tunes of Dnipropetrovsk Area as well as Petrykivka attractive painting have actually been already consisted of to the UNESCO World Heritage Listing of Abstract Heritage.

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